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The Besom In Norwich - Supporting People in Need

besomThe Besom In Norwich helps Christians from Holy Trinity and other churches in Norwich to give time or money to people in need across the city. People give time to join our projects group to help with decorating, gardening or DIY, or meet with us to pray or plan. Small groups sometimes give time together to do practical tasks. Some Christians are not able to give time but do give money, which we use to buy essential items and to provide paint and other DIY materials.

We provide a variety of packs to help people in need. Kitchen starter packs are always in demand. We also provide baby baths filled with essential items, rucksacks for rough sleepers and Christmas treat boxes. Small group members can each contribute items to create a pack together. See the giving page of our website for more information. We believe that caring for the poor and marginalized is fundamental to our faith. We want to make it easy for Christians to give. You do not have to give time or money regularly, we only ask that you do it prayerfully and as you feel prompted.

You can contact us via the Holy Trinity church office or directly by e-mailing us. Check out our website for more information.

If you would like more information about packs please email us.

If you would like more information about getting involved with the projects team please contact us via email 

Services for Local Residential Homes

Church members are involved in leading monthly services in three local residential homes, and always welcome others who would like to join them in befriending or visiting less active members of the community.