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Crosslands Foundation Courses are flexible short courses to equip church members, small group leaders, interns and elders for discipleship and ministry. These courses are designed to help disciples grow in knowledge and love of God through his word, able to serve the body of Christ and confident to reach out in mission amongst our local communities.

Crosslands provides an opportunity to know Jesus better and be encouraged and equipped in serving him. The learning is flexible using a combination of online study and monthly, in-person meetings with the opportunity to learn from leaders from a group of local churches.

The course will run from September to July and is designed to be as flexible as possible whilst also learning together in community. We run 3 modules a term. The monthly meetings will run on Monday nights, meeting at Holy Trinity Church.
You can expect good coffee, light refreshments, a relaxed atmosphere and a provocative subject! 

Our Spring Term Dates for 2022-23 are 23rd January, 20th February, and the 13th March. The deadline to sign up is the 15th January.

This term we will be studying Evangelism.

To find out more information, please use the link: Crosslands Norwich Site or contact Alex Hillman at