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for Praise, Prayer and Bible reading

Livestream Services
Services are livestreamed via our YouTube channel below, where you will also find music and other videos recorded by members of our church.

Farsi Resources
This booklet contains the Farsi translations of the names of books of the Bible, the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer and Confessions.
Please click here to download the booklet.

The YouVersion Bible App (available on iOS and Android) has translations of the Bible in many languages, including Farsi, Kurdish, and Chinese.
Two great ways to listen again to the Sunday services. Click below to download and subscribe from iTunes or download from our website. (Click on the images below)

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Here are some ideas for books, videos, websites and apps that exist to encourage you in your faith:

Our Stories

Members of our church family have filmed short video testimonies explaining their journey to faith. They can be found on our YouTube here


Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc. 
Praise and pray by singing along to Biblical words set to music by songwriters such as Sovereign  Grace, CityAlight and the Gettys, plus great hymns, are a great way to praise God on your own or with your family. CDs available for online order too (see below)

Faith in Kids
This is a great site for family-friendly Bible teaching, talks and podcasts.
Click here to visit their website.

Bible Project
Lots of short videos suitable for adults or older children, introducing Bible books and themes with beautifully-illustrated graphics and faithful, concise, voiced commentary.
Click here to visit their website.

The Crossway Podcast
A collection of respected speakers on various topics in the Christian life.
Speak Life Podcast
Glenn Scrivener and Paul Feesey discussing contemporary issues and communicating the good news in today’s world.
Faith in Kids Podcast
There are two: one for kids and one for parents.

Apps for phone (android or iOS)
Bible App
Bible on your phone, plus plans for daily readings or verses.
Cross Preach
Sermons from trusted Bible-teaching churches, mainly in the UK.
Daily Prayer 
Church of England daily services with prayers and readings
A clever app that helps you organise your prayers for people and situations you want to remember to pray for, and pulls prayer requests from a number of church and mission feeds of your choice.

Daily Bible readings/notes, and Christian books:
Our Bookstall

We have a selection of Christian books available for sale after Sunday services.


Great daily devotionals on most books of the Bible, and books for all ages.

The Good Book Company
Bible readings for children and adults. Christian book orders and audiobooks, including our Lent book “To Seek and to Save” (Sinclair Ferguson).
Click here to visit their website. 
Scripture Union
Bible readings and verses emailed to you, along with comments and prayers.
Click here to visit their website.
Revelation Bookshop, Norwich
Revelation bookshop, our local Christian bookshop, will take online or telephone orders (01603 619731) and post out to you. Also CDs.
Click here to visit their website.