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Our Mission Partners

Holy Trinity has mission partners working long term in different parts of the world, and at any one time there are usually several others working on short term projects around the globe.

Long-Term Mission Partners

Penny BakewellPenny 09-04-2020

After 15 years in northern Ghana working amongst the Sisaala people, Penny relocated to the capital city of Accra to lead the SIM Ghana team. Her main role is to lead the SIM community in Ghana towards fulfilling its vision of seeing a witness to Christ's love in communities within Ghana where he is least known. She works with the leadership team in developing strategy, ensuring that the team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective and to flourish in ministry and investing in the personal growth and spiritual wellbeing of the SIM Ghana Team.

Colin Bearup  

Colin Bearup

Colin lives in Lancashire with his wife Jean and is working amongst British Muslims. They are members of WEC International and have many years overseas experience. Colin is also helping to develop the Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam with a focus on encouraging and enabling local Christians to engage fruitfully with their Muslim neighbours. Colin’s most recent book is called Calling on the Prophets and he frequently teaches at regional, national and international events about Islam today and how Christians can engage and witness to Muslims.


Raquel Medina

Raquel Medina is from Spain and she lives in Norwich with her husband James and their daughter Ana. They’ve been members of Holy Trinity since  Summer 2021. Raquel has been working for Friends International Norwich for 7 years, growing friendship and faith with international students that come to study in the city. As part of her job, she helps local churches and Christian students to reach out to internationals by running social events, Bible studies and hospitality schemes. In 2017, Raquel became the centre team leader, taking new responsibilities in development of the local ministry strategy, relations with churches and education institutions and recruitment, training and care of volunteers and staff. One of her favourite parts of the jobs is hearing personal stories from across the world and talking about Jesus around a table full of food!


Rosie O'DonnellRosie O'Donnell

Rosie has been a mission partner with Holy Trinity since August 2018. She is the UCCF Staff Worker for East Anglia. She works with Christian Unions at the University of East Anglia and University of Suffolk. 




Nathanael Smith Nathanael Smith and Joanna Jen

Nathanael is married to Joanna and working with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Nathanael is currently based in the UK undergoing four years’ training to become a licenced aircraft maintenance engineer. Once he has completed his training he will serve overseas with MAF helping to maintain their fleet of aircraft. MAF operate all over the world and use aeroplanes to help churches and charities to reach isolated communities with the love of Christ and meet their spiritual and practical needs. 


Rachel is working with World Team in France, in the suburbs of Paris near Versailles. World Team is an international church-planting mission, and in France works with other evangelical organisations towards a goal of planting at least one church for every 10,000 people. Rachel is currently helping to launch a new church-plant in a highly multicultural neighbourhood, where she is involved in music, evangelism and discipleship and pastoral care. 

Short-Term Mission Partner

matt james

Matthew is working at Beeston Free Church in Nottingham as a Ministry Trainee, helping to run different ministries throughout the church both in the more practical sense, and also by preparing talks and Bible-studies for these ministries, too. He is also receiving training both in-house and at the Midlands Ministry Training Course to develop his Bible-handling skills, so that he can read, teach and apply the Bible more effectively.

Tony and Carol Smith are our Mission Action Group co-chairs; please contact them for more information.